Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's been a while

Here it is June 10th and I have a lot to update, but not a lot of time....I thought by putting down just a quick sentence for each update would be best.

Started new Company....Sweet Dips
Started diet
Not doing well on Diet... I must stop taste-testing the Sweet Dips ;-D
Bobby and Kaytlynn made honor-roll
Paid for Bobby's cap and gown!!!
Started diet again.
Sorry I paid for the cap and gown so soon...Bobby got credit withdrawals from cutting classes :-/
Sweet Dips really starting to take off.
There goes my diet again.
Found out Corianne has a shopping problem....(actually, I kinda already knew that one)
But all is good...she has had a nice job for many years.
10 year old pet (our dog Kash) pooped on the living room rug ( wondering what the heck that's about)
Brittany moved out on her own.
Brittany moved back home.
Started diet again.
Colored hair darker.
Had a meeting to appeal Bobby's credit withdrawal...and was very impressed how mature he was...stood up after the meeting and shook the Principle's hand.
Lifted hair color...came out orange.
Went to visit Corianne at the office...only to find out she quit the day before ( ????)
Made vet appointment for Kash, and bought a rug shampooer.
Went to salon, fixed hair color and added highlights and Keratin treatment ;-)
Celebrated Tommy's 41st birthday...friends from NY came for the weekend also.
Kids came here for Prom Pictures...had snacks for them and the parents.
Now my diet is really on a downward spiral.
Son got his credit's back !!!!!!!!!!!
Started a diet FOR REAL again.
Going to get my Keratin Solution removed in 20 hours, and will have silky smooth hair. (I hope)
Kaytlynn turns 17 tomorrow...with all of them driving, we are contemplating keeping off the road.

I am sure I missed a bunch of stuff...but that's all I can think of right now.
See Ya All Next Time!!

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