Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well, I will not post a recipe tonight...I am sure you can get the picture from my last Blog that I am not a Julia Child Groupie. Heck, my family feels like it's a Holiday when I make Hamburger Helper. So I will spare you all that, and I will just go with what is on my mind...

WARNING: My mind has the capacity to jump from subject to subject, so, if you are prone to sea sickness, stop here.

Oh boy, here it four days until my Birthday...And man oh man do the years go by fast.

I remember when I was like 25 I felt old...telling everyone how I was a quarter of 100 years old. Ha, then when I was 33 I would say how I was already 1/3 of my way up to 100 years Now I am just a hint past 1/2 of the way there. WAY, "achy joints" Old...and "Why is my Mom in my mirror?" Old...or, "I wear sweat pants to Shop Rite and don't care what people think" Old.
I hate Shop Rite. I run into too many people out there, and let's face it, none of us want to stop and chat...we're all in the same frame of mind...throw our necessities in the cart, go pay for the crap, lug it to the car, and get the hell home...

It's different on Face book...did ya ever notice that? Everybody tells everyone else their every move...

Example STATUS
"Just got out of the shower, running late to my Gyno do I hate cold metal objects"
UM, OK...

Can you imagine just blurting that out when you run into someone in Shop Rite, or at the Post Office, or Bank?
Maybe that's why I like Face book...all of a sudden we all have hundreds of close and personal friends, and we, along with them, just say what ever it is we feel like, and it's OK. It's actually desired. I love to just log on and see what people's status' are.
I want a face lift...(Hey, I warned you my mind jumps around) My husband says I'm crazy, but I think he's just bias (if that's how ya spell it) or maybe you spell it like this..."Cheap"
But how cool would that be? A little lift here, tuck there...and *poof* I'm in my 30's again. Yea, I am gonna look into that.
Oh, I had a conference with my sons guidance counselor today.
OK...done with that subject...Ugh.
I dipped strawberry's in chocolate this allowed me to have something positive in my day after that damn conference.
Take THAT Julia! And they were Delish!
Well, I'm kinda tired...I know I didn't have much to blog about, but I didn't want anyone who follows this to think I gave up blogging already.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OK, so I read a few popular blogs, to get the hang of it...and that one chick Julie know, the one who cooked for a full year using Julia Childs recipes? Well, that was a good idea...I wonder if it will work with what I throw together in the kitchen?
I did get a grocery delivery tonight, but it was too late to use anything from that for dinner, so I took the leftover steak from last night, cut it up and crap...threw it in a pot with about 3/4 of a jar of Brown Gravy...YES, only use 3/4 of a cup, because not only is that how my recipe is...but because that's all I had left for some weird reason....I still am trying to remember what I could have possibly used the other 1/4 of the jar on...oh, well, knowing me it could have been almost anything....ok, so after that got all heated up, I took some already made rice that I found in a Chinese take-out carton in the back of the fridge...lucky find I guess....cut off the top crusty layer and threw that part away, (it killed me to do that ya know) , and nuked the soft part left on the bottom until it was almost edible...then I threw that meat stuff on it and WA LA...Dinner...
God, my family is lucky.
Alrighty then,
Im not sure if I am supposed to do this everyday...but I have work tomorrow...if anything is worth blogging about I will post it tomorrow night.
And if your lucky, maybe I will have another recipe for you.
Nite all :)
Ha, so here I am on a Tuesday morning, thinking..."Who needs to come up with a good Blog subject when all I have to do is look at my friggen family?"
I woke up, ONCE AGAIN, to find out my bubble-headed 19 year old son didn't get up in time for school...maybe you didn't catch that, he is 19 and still in school...NO, not college...HIGH SCHOOL...ok, to be fair, I put him in Transitional First Grade, which is basically like doing 1st grade twice, but then, in 7th grade he stayed back all on his here he is, 19 (GOING ON 20 IN APRIL YO!) and not only still in school, but screwing up to boot.
We are a houseful of people who over-use our cell phones I suppose (well, all of us but my husband, who hates all kinds of phones, he barely answers his when it rings, and never even looks at texts, unless its some dumb dirty joke sent from one of his friends, or his brothers)
...anyway, the rest of us ...we call or text each other from room to room instead of getting off of our lazy asses. And at the risk of sounding even lazier, I have adapted to the shortend version of texting...for instance, this mornings text to my son consisted of a full sentence using mostly letters as words..." OMG WTF R U Doing?" that's right, I got the point across by not only using only letters, but I didn't even have to leave my bed. His response needed only two full words and a third two letter 'old-school' short cut...."OK Mom...Chill", just before he popped up, took a quick (sorta quick) bathroom stop, and headed out the door.
So, with him off to school, I had a few minutes to check my facebook, and think I kinda get's like a way to vent...OMG...I may actually get into to grab a bite to eat and start my day. Tootles

Monday, February 15, 2010

Firt Blog EVER I am...I blog now.
It's kinda late, almost half past Midnight on a there won't be much to blog about right now...the only thing I have to offer is that the snoring from the other side of my bed is distracting. Tomorrow I will think of what to blog life, my life-long diet, my desire to write a novel...who knows what my subject matter will be...heck, I will be as surprised as you.
TaTa for now.
Robin Anne the Blogger