Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ha, so here I am on a Tuesday morning, thinking..."Who needs to come up with a good Blog subject when all I have to do is look at my friggen family?"
I woke up, ONCE AGAIN, to find out my bubble-headed 19 year old son didn't get up in time for school...maybe you didn't catch that, he is 19 and still in school...NO, not college...HIGH SCHOOL...ok, to be fair, I put him in Transitional First Grade, which is basically like doing 1st grade twice, but then, in 7th grade he stayed back all on his own...so here he is, 19 (GOING ON 20 IN APRIL YO!) and not only still in school, but screwing up to boot.
We are a houseful of people who over-use our cell phones I suppose (well, all of us but my husband, who hates all kinds of phones, he barely answers his when it rings, and never even looks at texts, unless its some dumb dirty joke sent from one of his friends, or his brothers)
...anyway, the rest of us ...we call or text each other from room to room instead of getting off of our lazy asses. And at the risk of sounding even lazier, I have adapted to the shortend version of texting...for instance, this mornings text to my son consisted of a full sentence using mostly letters as words..." OMG WTF R U Doing?" that's right, I got the point across by not only using only letters, but I didn't even have to leave my bed. His response needed only two full words and a third two letter 'old-school' short cut...."OK Mom...Chill", just before he popped up, took a quick (sorta quick) bathroom stop, and headed out the door.
So, with him off to school, I had a few minutes to check my facebook, and um...Blog...lol...I think I kinda get it...it's like a way to vent...OMG...I may actually get into this....ok...off to grab a bite to eat and start my day. Tootles

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